Published Writings

By Blaire Hobbs

Currently, I work as a reporter for Lookout Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, CA, where I cover food, the environment, and the local community. Check out a few selected works from Lookout Santa Cruz below.

Previously, I reported on misinformation techniques with The Propwatch Project, a nonprofit seeking to educate the public on misinformation. I wrote in-depth articles and performed interviews with misinformation researchers, including writing on common techniques employed by state-sponsored social media trolls and discussing the relationship between state-sponsored propaganda and state violence through an interview with misinformation expert, Dr. Josephine Lukito.

I started my writing career working for HAALo Botanicals, a shop dedicated to educating and promoting all things botanical, where I developed our newsletter, which I titled the vHerbiage. I wrote weekly articles covering food, plants, nutrition, and the local community. Check out some of my writings from The vHerbiage in the menubar to the left.